How does this work?

All consultations will take place in your home for clients in the CRD except for materials selections where meeting in the store may be more appropriate. No travel fee is charged within the CRD area including Sidney to Sooke.

What if I live outside of Victoria?

The Malahat and Duncan area, the initial consultation will be the clients location and follow-up meetings will be determined. I am willing to do on-line consultations for all other clients.
Travel Fee Rates: $40.00 /hr combined travel time.

How do I Pay?

Cash or cheques are accepted.

How often do I pay?

If you are using my services for a few hours, then payment is due in full at the end of the session. If you are using my services for over 2 weeks, I will submit an invoice every 2 weeks to be paid.

How does it work with the tradespeople?

I prefer to provide the tradespeople for my projects since I am assured of their workmanship. If you prefer to select your own tradespeople, then I will work with them accordingly. I will obtain quotes for the different trades and the client will enter into the agreement with that trade by accepting the quote and paying them directly for their services.

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