About Us

Rekindle Designs primarily offers residential interior design services. Small commercial projects will be considered. 

Design is my passion and every project is a welcome challenge and a joy.

My philosophy in design is to strive to find a balance between form and function, beauty and practicality, luxury and budget.

I thoroughly enjoy the collaboration process between clients and myself as each project is unique and beautiful. 

Whether it is choosing the perfect backsplash, the bling factor in your accent for your bathroom, the ideal textured stone for your fireplace, the right patterned porcelain floor tile, an inviting paint colour for the interior, designing a custom piece of furniture or managing the selection and installation of all of these elements, the goal is to create a harmonious environment.

The possibilities are endless for changing a space to fit your needs.
My services are designed to assist you in achieving your goal while respecting your style and pocket book.

I believe that Love is the greatest force there is.
As the old adage goes, “ Home is where the heart is”.
If you don’t feel the love for your home, there is always a way...
to rekindle the love for your home

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